Saturday, September 24, 2016


"Pick a flower you particularly like and place it so that you can focus your attention easily on it.

Smile.When you are smiling, the muscles of your face relax, your resistance against the current moment ceases, and you become open and accepting. Loosen up, watch your breathing, how the air passes in and out through your nostrils.

While you are monitoring your breathing, share the rest of your attention with the world. Pay attention to yourself, your breathing and gently scan the flower with your look. Notice its graceful stem, the gentle arches of the leaves, the soft shapes of the petals.

Discover the variety of the colors and shades – let the flower cast a spell on you. Realize, that it is really nothing else, than another manifestation of life with its unmatched and unique beauty. Let the observation of the flower absorb you but do not forget about paying attention to your breathing. Observe the flower without feeling any pressure." Ervin K. Kery

From the book: Ervin K. KeryThe Art of Mindfulness: Jump into Consciousness

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