Friday, September 23, 2016


"When you need to do something that requires your creativity, then thoroughly study the details and when you feel your mind is “fed” with the information, retreat into silent, observing consciousness.

Let your mind build the overall picture in your unconscious, let it sculpture and paint it – let it work it out. When the desire to act overcomes you again, when you feel that it is time to intervene in the events, then ask this question with full consciousness: What do I have to do? – and wait for ideas to emerge from your, which are born in the creative, intelligent space of consciousness. Consciously do what you have to do with full attention, then retire to the silent yourself for an inspiring recharge, then if you have some more to do, do it.

Your life will become a pulsing between creative outbursts and peaceful contemplations.

This is when you live a life, in which you know-feel the depth of existence: “Yes, I am. I exist. I am
thankful!”  Ervin K. Kery

From the book: Ervin K. KeryThe Art of Mindfulness: Jump into Consciousness

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