Tuesday, February 21, 2017


„It is important that the spiritual Seekers should recognize and notice the road signs that the awakened, seeing Masters have left behind for them in order to lead them out of trouble.
A few aspects that may help the spiritual Seeker to recognize the signposts:
An awakened teacher only teaches freedom, urging the spiritual Seeker to wake up, to be free of the mind, the Ego, the world,  customs and traditions etc.. 
An awakened teacher never provides methods for the spiritual progress of a spiritual Seeker as he is aware all these methods boosts the Ego-dominated mind and deepens the conditioned state of the individual.
An awakened teacher can only be your lighthouse, casting light on your path, but you must understand it and walk your own path. 
An awakened teacher never joins the expectations of the Ego and mind, so he will not be anyone the spiritual Seeker images him to be.” Frank M. Wanderer

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